Leadership in Events Management

Allowing a team to self-assess themselves gives them a responsibility to develop themselves.  They acknowledge where their abilities are lacking, understanding why they are lacking and take responsibility, with the support and guidance being there, for their development of these abilities.

Event Management – Finding The Perfect Venue For Your Event

Having spent 10 years in event management, including working in the hospitality and leisure industries as well as for standalone event management companies I have had the fortunate opportunity to be a decision maker for both an events venue and as an events organiser.  Whether you are a sales person for a venue or an …

David & Goliath: Innovation vs Budgets

Finance V Creativity

“Tighter Budgets” are the catchphrase of the 21st Century Events Industry; engulfing individuals and groups, national and local businesses, start-ups and multi-generational companies with the same fear. And while a fixed-mind can absorb these phrases with a sense of dread and defeatism like chains on a drowning man, those with the aplomb of creativity can …