Technology In Events

Technology is the great transformer; it can make the powerful weak, and the subjugated controlling.  It has been the catalyst for uprisings and revolutions, given the oppressed a global voice, determined and changed the outcomes of wars, led to humanity being on the brink of extinction whilst at the same time allowing inhospitable areas to … Continue reading Technology In Events

How Live Nation Changed The Event Industry

For over thirty years the record label was king of the hill, bands toured to support the sale of their albums and singles and the live events promoters and managers were the last on the food chain, but then the internet came along, and everything changed. The internet has dislocated the record label model and … Continue reading How Live Nation Changed The Event Industry

David & Goliath: Innovation vs Budgets

“Tighter Budgets” are the catchphrase of the 21st Century Events Industry; engulfing individuals and groups, national and local businesses, start-ups and multi-generational companies with the same fear. And while a fixed-mind can absorb these phrases with a sense of dread and defeatism like chains on a drowning man, those with the aplomb of creativity can … Continue reading David & Goliath: Innovation vs Budgets